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Mixed media on PMMA, Screw, Bolts, Nails, Figure
cm. 26,5 x 15 x 12

“In IMpossibleliving series each image has a febrile virtuosity. A glossy surface of plastic boxes in these works is juxtopposed to old buttons, nails, screws, knitting needles which serve as demarcation points, ruptures or gaps within her pictorial arenas. They become a metaphor
for changing time and technology.

Dell’Orto components invoke the suturing of time and space, the knitting together of a universe which threatens to collapse and implode, bursting at its seams. The artist collages her objects in a way which heightens the overall feel of each piece, parlaying a tension, which is aroused through the artist’s sensitized evocation of vulnerability and tenderness.”

Solo Exhibition at Artifact gallery – NY, Manhattan – 9-27 december 2015. Extract from the critical review by John Austin an art critics based in Manhattan.